• Mia Stegner is a freelance songwriter, filmmaker, artist, mental health advocate, and proud best friend and business partner to her cat Cléo.


    Mia began painting in 2020 to calm her mind, pass some time, and engage some new creative muscles. After a few commission inquiries, she decided to lean into selling her work.


    Her favorite mediums include guitar picks, wood chips, pendants, and mini canvases. She loves trying new things, but has the most experience with pet portraits, animals, and abstract swirls. She also gets particularly excited about her wildlife series, for which she paints rescued animals and donates 50% of the proceeds back to the wildlife organizations & rehabilitation centers that helped them!


    Check out @blessedbycleo on Instagram to browse a full portfolio & stay up to date with events, new work, and giveaways.


    Are you a pet, art, or music business looking to partner? Let me know!